International Chemical Corporation (ICC) established in 1988 by Robert S. Catroneo Sr. and Robert Catroneo Jr. This father and son company was founded on the premise of first rate service and premium products being our greatest commodities. We demand from our service / sales representatives a dedication to the industries that we serve. Anything less would not be tolerated.


ICC's focus is on serving the following industries: beverage, bottled water, brewery, distilleries, dairy, citrus, water treatment, high-tech, meat, poultry and food processing plants; by custom design and installation of systems for dispensing and metering our chemicals for any application.

 Our HQ in Melbourne Florida

We at ICC have found that great service, and superior quality products have made us the fast growing, successful company that it is today. While other major chemical company's spend most of their time and efforts in the corporate environment, our technical specialists and dedicated staff work in the environment where our products are actually used. The advantage of this is that our representatives know how our products work on each system and can customize our products and equipment to help your systems reach peak optimum performance.

As we have grown, we are proud to say that we stand by our tradition as a father and son business. Who continue to be totally dedicated to our customers and their industries by formulating and packaging all of our products. This same dedication and experience that goes into our products can also be found in our service. Given the opportunity we will earn your business.


International Chemical Corporation
Bob Catroneo Sr.
Bob Catroneo Jr.