Acid & Alkaline Pre Soak Washes

  • Foamy (High alkaline high foaming non butyl pre soak )
  • Foam-IT (Neutral high foaming detergent additive boost pre soak foam)
  • Break Away (High alkaline Foaming pre soak with Butyl)
  • Adjust HF (Acidic high foaming pre soak)

Engine, Equipment Degreasing Chemicals

  • Foamy (Alkaline high foaming degreaser and tire cleaner)
  • APC-100 (Lower foaming alkaline degreaser and tire cleaner)
  • Super Strip (lower foaming aluminum safe degreaser and tire cleaner)
  • Bio Solve (Citrus based solvent degreaser)

Car Washes

  • Foamy (High alkaline high foaming non butyl pre soak/wash )
  • Auto Glow (Neutral high foaming Detergent Blue)
  • Fast Brake (Detergent/drying agent in one.)
  • AC-100 (Acidic high foaming detergent Car wash)
  • Bio Wash (no foam no dye no fragrance wash for storm drains)
  • Bristal (neutral high foaming wash and wax)


Tri Color Foam Polish

  • Brilliant (Blue, Pink or Green foam polish with Carnauba and Teflon)
  • Brilliant-E (Blue, Pink or Green foam polish with Carnauba)
  • Eco-Brite (Blue, Pink and Green foam polish without wax)

Tire Care Products Slick Shot (Fast Drying Silicone solvent tire dressings)

  • Slick 2000 (water based Silicone Teflon leather and vinyl dressing)
  • APC-100 (Butyl tire and rim cleaner)
  • Foamy ALU (Non Butyl Aluminum safe tire and rim cleaner high foaming
  • Bio Brite (100% Silicone free tire dressing)

Misc Cleaners and Waxes

  • ZIP ( Love Bug Remover)
  • Erase (100% Biodegradable non hazardous graffiti remover)
  • Crystal 64 (100% Tint Safe Glass Cleaner Conc.20:1)
  • Bio Solve Citrus based glue ink and grease remover.